Black Oak Estate & Appraisal Services
Fine art appraisal and estate sale services throughout Westchester County and New York City.


  • What is an estate sale?

 An estate sale is the sale of personal property. Since it typically includes all of the furniture, jewelry, collectibles (coins, comic books, sports memorabilia etc), decorative items, appliances and so forth from a home it is much more extensive than a DIY sale. In many ways it’s an opportunity to earn money while giving items you no longer need a second life

  • Why should I hire a professional?

Regardless if you are moving or handling the estate of a loved one, liquidating the contents of a home can be extremely stressful. Working with a professional eases the emotional and physical toll of sorting and parting with items. We handle the hassle for you.

  • What are your fees?

We offer competitive commission rates. It is in our best interest to sell as many items as possible for the highest price during the estate sale. We do not have a retail space where we market unsold items after the sale at a different commission rate. 

  • Should I start sorting and cleaning before the initial consultation?

No! One man’s trash truly is another’s treasure! Please DO NOT throw out items until we have gone through the home together. Your uncle’s collection of yo-yo’s? That giant box of thimbles in the attic? Well, Maria might know of a collector who is into that sort of thing. The same goes for your kitchy poster collection and even your cleaning supplies. One of the great aspects of an estate sale is that it’s an opportunity to find a new home for every single household item, which means less things end up in the landfill. You’ll be surprised by what people buy.  

  • What happens to unsold items?

Depending on the situation clients often ask us to leave the home broom swept clean, especially if a real estate closing is scheduled for immediately after the sale. We can arrange for unsold items to be removed and will provide the client with relevant receipts for tax purposes.

  • What’s with your name?

Black Oak references Maria’s maiden and married names: Dembrowsky Nigro. Dembrowsky stems from dąbrowa, which is Polish for oak grove, and Nigro means black in Italian. Dąbrowa Nigro = Black Oak. By incorporating her maiden name into the business Maria recalls her childhood in Massachusetts with parents who are always picking and thrifting and a mother who owned an antique store. Combining the two names acknowledges the past while looking to the future.